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Savannah is a beautiful well-persevered historic city, with forward-thinking Savannhians that spend their free time the way other people vacation. Savannah offers an exciting future with the fourth largest growing port, a progressive business community and the home of SCAD, the largest art school in the country. The pleasurable mild climate lends itself to outdoor recreation and is best when enjoyed "Savannah Style" which is at a leisurely pace. Whether it's lounging on the beach, strolling through the squares, enjoying a horse drawn carriage ride or even taking in nature from one of the marsh lined areas you'll find that Savannah has something to offer everyone! Parker Scott Properties was founded on the basis to market and position a visionary, progressive Real Estate Company focused on professionalism, hard work, and smart thinking. Everyone at Parker Scott Properties knows what it takes to be a leader. We want you to believe we are your "new tradition" in Real Estate. And we understand that if you are going to buy or sell your investment, and we aren't working with you yet, we need to truly be working with you now. Our livelihoods are generated by individuals, investors and families looking to purchase or sell real estate. Simply put, to just market, show, and sell property without feeling that unique, unexplainable passion inside, would just be another job. We believe that the real estate experience should always be highly invigorating, hugely satisfying, and above all, completely expected at Parker Scott. We are the only real estate company that blends the feeling of the retail experience, the feeling of high-end shopping-only this time, it's for real estate. Whether it's a Condo or a Castle, Parker Scott Properties is your real estate advisor and friend.